Adjacencies issues with Dragonfly

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a dragonfly model from a honeybee model but I have issues with adjacencies between ceiling and roof.
I’m trying to model a building with 5 floors.
My recipe is composed of 2 parts : the first create the HB model and the second the DF model.

As you can see, my HB model is correct :

But when I look at the DF model, the model doesn’t understand the difference between the roof and the ceiling of the 4th floor :

Does someone know why the DF model doesn’t work ?
Thanks for your help.


Hi, I think you have to use the component “DF Separate Top Bottom” in order to solve the outdoor condition adjacency of middle floor roofs.

Thank you very much.
It works perfectly.


After using the DF Separate Top Bottom component, the roof and the ceiling are well differentiated.
But some rooms are now cut.
For example, the room 122 is cut into 3 parts by the upper floor.

How can I have just one room ?


Hi @mchabasset

I think, if I’m not wrong, that this is the correct behavior of the component “DF Separate Top Bottom”. As you are working with Dragonfly, you have to bear in mind that you are working with 2d plans and extruded geometries (extreme simplification), not with 3d geometries.

Boolean to note whether all mid-level Stories should be split with the Story above in order to set outdoor-exposed roofs with correct areas. This is useful when the Story footprints vary a lot as one moves up the building.

If you want to avoid this, maybe a workaround could be to refine the definition of the rooms2d (skeleton) in order to match perfectly the vertical alignments between the geometries of the upper floor and lower floor thermal zones.