Adjacent interior walls set as air boundary are supposed to have HVAC components? (gh file attached)

hello everyone!
i want to make a office model for energy simulation having a 9 thermal zones(in honeybee, it’s expressed as “room”) on a single floor.
i think every BREP i made is fine, there is no gap between rooms as i checked.

here’s a error message.

and it’s the image that explain my building’s situation

I want to combine 9 zones as a one office ultimately. So I used [HB solve adjacency] component in order to make 2 adjacent interior walls to set as a single air wall. (I thought that air wall is sorta invisible, no mass wall. So air can flow through whole zones. If i was wrong plz tell me.)

My quesntion is:
Do i need to set HB HVAC system component to make it work properly?
Shouldn’t use the idealair component?

i’ll attach the link that you can download the GH file.
Anybody has a solution, thank you so much for any advice.

The file works correctly for me @Alex999 and it looks like you set up the air boundaries correctly.

You might have gotten a error message like that if you failed to connect up all of the rooms to the component.

In any case, if you are using the “HB Annual Loads” component and you are only interested in evaluating the heating/cooling loads, then you should stick to using the Ideal Air System. However, if you need to estimate electricity or fuel usage of a heating and cooling system, then you should use the HB HVAC components and you should be running the simulation using the “HB Model to OSM” component.

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Hi Chris,
thank you for a response!
i updated LBT using versioner component and the error message i mentioned above had solved.
But it showed me a different error message. it points to compatibility.

But I have installed the versions according to the compatibility matrix: energy plus 9.5 and openstudio 3.1.0.

i have installed e+ 9.5 /OS 3.2 then annual loads component works now!!