"Adjacent Surface not found" HB divides adjacent surface in several parts

I pretend to simulate a neighborhood. I used a shapefile and extruded it (used Meerkat).
Each building, one thermal zone. The simulation run with “Full Exterior” solar distribution because it has some non convex geometry zones.

Everything seems good but when I run the Energy Plus I get several errors like:

  ** Severe  ** GetSurfaceData: Adjacent Surface not found: ZONA_41_SRF_3_SRFP_0 adjacent to surface ZONA_40_SRF_3_SRFP_0
   ** Severe  ** GetSurfaceData: Adjacent Surface not found: ZONA_41_SRF_3_SRFP_1 adjacent to surface ZONA_40_SRF_3_SRFP_1

It is referring to several zones. I found some tips on other topics (very useful) but I didn’t get the answer for my problem.

What I did before this error:
1- used IntersectMass in the BREPS layer
2- baked it to a new layer - visually looks good

ScreenHunter_41 Apr. 20 14.51 ScreenHunter_43 Apr. 20 14.54

3 - Then Mass2Zone – Solve adjacent – GlazingRatio – RunEplus.
I opened the energy plus .idf file and found that HB divided the adjacent surfaces on several parts:

    	Line 18355: 	ZONA_41_Srf_3_srfP_0,	!- Outside Boundary Condition Object
    	Line 18380: 	ZONA_41_Srf_3_srfP_1,	!- Outside Boundary Condition Object
        Line 18743: 	ZONA_41_Srf_3_srfP_16,	!- Outside Boundary Condition Object

I don’t know why HB did this. My first hypothesis is that the zones are millimetrically overlapping. But they don’t seem so… Although I am not an expert on Rhino.

I deleted the zones where this error happen and run again. The simulation ran without major errors.

Do you know what is happening?
Thank you in advance. I started now with Rhino and HB, the support team, contents and members are really great.
madredeus_teste2.gh (867.6 KB)

arquetipos_error.idf (624.4 KB)

What are the units and the tolerance in your model? Try with a more forgiving tolerance. Specially for an urban model you don’t want the accuracy of a millimeter.

Hi Mostapha, thank you for your time.
I used a tolerance of 0.01m and 0.1m…The units are in meters.
I still didn’t find the problem since with some zones works and with others don’t.
Best regards