Adjancies Mismatch

Hello everyone,

First post, first time, lets go !

I am working on heating calculation with complex geometries : Two adjacent towers, the taller one is housing program, the smaller one are offices. Both have their own different floor heights.
In order to consider interactions between those zones I had to use the component InterectMass, I also tried a method of my own, whatever I get satisfying divided surfaces (both are inside grasshopper file). The adjancies solver seems to run well, but I finally get these error messages from the OpenStudio component after the simulation failed to run :

I made several observations, but i’m still stuck…

  • Whatever the splitting method I used, errors are the same.
  • According to error messages, faulty surfaces are roofceiling. I checked it with the Label component, it is not.
  • I do not understand these lines in error messages : “GetVertices : floor is upside down …”
    I baked my zones in Rhino to check surfaces orientations with coloring their backs, everything is perfectly right.
  • I tried to run simulation with only two adjacent zones, one from each tower. I hoped unmatched surfaces to be changed into adiabatic walls, and the adjancies to be kept. Simulation runs but when I checked the report, I saw that openstudio turns wrong surfaces into adiabatic walls.

Is any one of you who could explain to me where I failed my adjancies management ?

I attach my grasshopper file here, it is too heavy to be uploaded in this post due to geometry internalized inside.

(And I must apologize for my English mistakes)