AFN Nat.Ventilation gain/loss

Hi Chris. Hope You are doing well. Chris want to share some ideas and need some suggestion on AFN ventilation heat gain and loss for heat balance that was discussed in the discussion here.
As i was going through custom out puts i came across these 4 AFN ventilation commands.

Can the added values of this can be used as ventilation in energy balance equation along with infiltration?

To add to this, the custom visualization (mixed mode ) also gives us a better understanding between the two. As far as i remember these ventilation outputs option was not accessible.

Any thought on this?

Hi @chris .sorry to disturb you. Any thoughts on this?

Hey @Asisnath ,

It looks like those outputs might have just been added with E+ 9.5. Previously, the only output that we could request was infiltration and we already request these AFN outputs whenever you select “gains and losses”:

If you want to open an issue on the honeybee-energy Github, I will try to get to it when I get the chance.

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Ok @chris chris. I was only concerned with this as sometimes in energy balance it becomes confusing earlier when infiltration included both ventilation and infiltration. I doubt in Energyplus 9.5 the infiltration gain has removed the ventilation gains in it and have segregated it with infiltration. Because when checking with custom outputs option ventilation gains/ losses shows very different results as compare to infiltration gain/loss with earlier version of energyplus.

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This is good to know, @Asisnath . If the infiltration output has not changed, I might leave it the way it is for the time being since people aren’t experiencing a bug or unbalanced graphics with just the infiltration.

However, if the new ventilation outputs are able to give us the heat loss/gain from just the VentilationOpenings and not the AFN cracks, then we can presumably figure out what the fraction of the heat loss/gain through the cracks is with some simple subtraction. If you end up verifying that this subtraction method works, we can incorporate it into the loadbalance module so that we can get separated ventilation and infiltration in the resulting balance.

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Ok Chris. I will check thay and let you know.

@chris .An update. I went through the Energyplus 9.5 InputOutput reference.

It is clearly stated that the AFN zone ventilation heat gain/loss is only from detail opening, horizontal opening and simple opening object.

While in AFN infiltration, output has been limited to only surface cracks.

Hey @Asisnath ,

I did a test and it seems that the AFN infiltration loss/gain output has, indeed changed in E+ 9.5. I can see that all of the AFN ventilation from openings is going to storage now:

So I guess we can say that the current version has a bug. I opened an issue and I will try to address it soon:

Also, we really should have a conversation like this on the public forum instead of PM. Do you mind if I make this message public so that more people will know about this change?

Sure @chris . Energybalance is important and it sould be performed correctly.

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This was a quick enough thing to fix and I just merged it into the code base:

It should be available with the versioner in an hour or so. Now this is the type of energy balance that you can get while using the AFN:

Thanks goes to the E+ team for adding these new AFN outputs and thanks, again, for reporting the update, @Asisnath .


That was realyquick. Thank you @chris for the update.

Hello everyone. Again starting this issue as the bug is not solved yet . Am I the only one not able to get the fixed update after versioner or anyone is also facing this issue?

Hey @Asisnath ,

Thank you for pointing this out. It seems there was a temporary glitch in the service that automatically deploys the updated libraries to the Python package manager. I just re-triggered the release and it should be available using the versioner within the hour.

I can confirm it’s all working with the current versioner component:

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It finally worked on my end. Thanks again!