Air stratification

Hi @chris,

I just studied an old file about confort mapping in a simple appartment.
I downloaded the file from Hydra and re-ran the simulation. In postprocessing of this simulation even air startification is calculated and could be visualised. (I found the thesis you wrote about it).
For a project I tried to use the same workflow but then in combination with radiant floors and DOAS. In this simulation the air stratification unfortunately did not show up. The air temperature in the entire room is the same. How can this airstratification be simulated? Or what am I doing wrong? Is it because I assinged an HVAC system to the model?

Air Temperature:

Radiant Temperature:

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Hi @Erikbeeren ,

Did you figure out how to include the stratification effect in the model?


The air stratification is very sensitive and does not give very realistic results. The temperature difference between up en down was only 0.5 degrees. So be careful with the the lower and upper bound of the legend parameters. The microstratification disappears as soon as the ventilation is turned on. For more accurate simulations of the stratification you will need a CFD tool like simscale.

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