Air Velocity Schedule in People Program


We are willing to add Air Velocity Schedule for comfort calculations, but I guess it is not available in ladybugtools or is there any other way for this?

In IDF editor, you can assign schedule name from directly in People object as you can see below image.

How can I add this schedule to People object?

PS: I use Honeybee Schema (not GH) to create objects.


Hi @chris, @mostapha,

To solve this issue, I basically extend your People and ProgramType classes with new properties. Is there anything that I know before writing academic papers and reports to convince validated results from your side? Because I used your library but editing it sometimes. In the end of the day, it will reference to you, and do you guys need to know what I’ve updated?



Hey @oguzhankoral ,

The primary reason why this isn’t exposed is because it’s much easier any flexible to evaluate the comfort conditions output from EnergyPlus by postprocessing them with the LB PMV Comfort component or the LB Adaptive Comfort component. Like you see in this example file here.

This way, you can experiment with different air speed values without having to completely re-run EnergyPlus.

Granted, you can always hack the source code but my recommendation is to try the workflow above before trying to do this.

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