All my walls are reading Exterior using HB_SolveAdjacenies

Hey guys, I am after some much needed advice for how to correctly implement HB_SolveAdjacenies

My internal surfaces are not picking up as such, and reading as sun exposed exterior surfaces.

This problem is driving me up the wall. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I started with my first build as boxed, brep zones and it didn’t work. Then I rebuilt my model with individual surfaces, and I still can’t get it to work.

When I built my surfaces using HB_createHBsurfaces I set them to ‘0 = WALL’ and assumed HB_SolveAdjacenies would work out if they were internal or external. Further, it seems to have kept the duplication of my exterior/air walls between adjacent zones.

Good news is all my assigned floors, ceilings and roofs seem correct as I set them to their associated code.

Is it just a matter of needed to know the number code for ‘# = INTERNAL WALL’?

Home.3dm (959.2 KB) (676.5 KB)

Hi @ajeb,

You have to set preserveConstr_ to false. Then Honeybee will do the work for you.

The workflow with defining constructions however is a bit complex.
I added a more simple workflow to your model which does the job as (695.3 KB)

Wow! Thank you so much @Erikbeeren, that was not expected. Very kind :raised_hands: