Altering Default Outputs in Honeybee

What is the best way to adjust the simulation outputs Honeybee produces? There are two specific ways in which I want to adjust the outputs, but just adding Energy Plus strings won’t help because the variables have already be defined. I have been using a C# function to swap the text in the .idf but that is less than ideal because it means rerunning the simulation after the first run.

The two cases that I want to adjust the outputs are:

  1. Changing the outputs in the .html to to either kWh or kBtu rather than the default GJ

CommaAndHTML, !- Column Separator
InchPound; !- Conversion

  1. Outputting the Zone Components Load Summary by changing

AllSummary; !- Report Name 1


AllSummaryAndSizingPeriod; !- Report Name 1

Please let me know the best way we can do this within the GH canvas.

Hey @Elliot_Glassman ,

For this one:

There is currently no way to do this with OpenStudio since the OpenStudio SDK forbids the changing of the EnergyPlus reporting units. I think NREL did this in order to make it possible to write reporting measures since, otherwise, you would constantly be guessing what the units are. So editing the IDF via your C# function or with an EnergyPlus measure is the only way to do this. You’re probably better off doing unit conversions as a part of post-processing if you can.

For this one:

Adding new summary reports into the E+ output is really easy via the summary_reports_ input of the HB Custom Simulation Output component. So just plug AllSummaryAndSizingPeriod into that component and then use it to customize your Simulation Parameters and you should be all set.

Makes sense. We do post process the units from the .html already, but since sometimes our engineers like to see the .html I was wondering if there was a more streamlined process for providing them one in kBtu without rerunning the idf. if not, no big deal. I will try the custom simulation output for the rest. Thanks as always!