Always Off Schedule Issue

I have an odd one here.

There are certain spaces that I want to apply and ‘Always Off’ schedule to the loads in because they are things like crawl spaces. The schedule name is applied as a list the the ApplyRoomSch component.

For some reason the ‘Always Off’ schedule does not get applied to the .osm or .idf files and the simulation fails because of the missing schedules.

I can get around this by applying another schedule name and setting the design level to 0, but it is an unfortunate hiccup because there are actually some space types in the library like Attic that have the ‘Always Off’ schedule by default. If the issue can be identified, we probably can save a lot of folks the trouble of encountering this issue.

Hey @Elliot_Glassman .

Can you provide a sample that recreates the issue? I am not able to recreate it on my end: (54.0 KB)

Is it possible that you have an invalid version of the “Always Off” schedule in your personal user standards folder? What happens when you try to deconstruct the “Always Off” schedule with the HB Deconstruct Schedule component?

Hi Chris,

The schedule looks fine when deconstructed.

I will email you a copy of my file.

I get the same thing on my end. Do you also have a null type_limit?

Yes, It is also null

Ok. I still have not solved it but have a little more data.

When I feed the ‘Always Off’ schedule in with the list of the other schedules for other zones into the ApplyLoadValues component, the load is applied to the zone without the schedule.

When I do a simplified model without the ApplyLoadValues component but using a default program type where the load does not exist, it works because the load is not listed. So I get the trick will be to find a way of feeding in a data structure where it does not create the load for these zones.