An issue about add glazing to HB surface

Hello, guys, I have two issuess about adding glazing to HB zones which I solved by setting geometries to GH canvas agian and again before, it worked sometimes.But it appeared again and I failed in this way for three times at least this time. (I am sure that I internalising breps data everytime indeed. )

1, the assgined windows of HB zones disappered when I open the same definition GH file of my geomtries the second time. The only one way to solve it is to set and assign child surfaces to decomposed HB surfaces agian and agian which only works sometimes only.
2, I set all the surfaces and child surfaces breps agian with updated HB components and still can not assign windows to HB zones successfully with add glazing component this time.

This two issues had bothered me for many days and this time it does not work this time completely.
I do know whehter I miss some simple but important operations and I really need all your help. Could you guys help me to solve it?

Many thanks.

Here is my geometry definition file.
ZZZ-MODEL1-Geomtry and (733.1 KB)