An old problem,anyone who know how to simulate thedaylight of electrochromic window dynamicly?


I just want to know how to change the state of the window in every timestep,I have tried many ways ,but the result looks like incorrect. Anyone who has done this similar simulation of dynamic window?

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Since this has been asked several times I will try to put a sample file together for the next release. Meanwhile the way to do it is to define each material as separate state and then use a sensor to create the schedule between different states of the window group.


You have to use the shading control groups, number 16… you can assign two states, the first is the one that you assign through EP window materials, the second will be the one you give to the shade material of the ‘window shade generator’ component… you have to assign a schedule as well to transform within states when needed with an illuminance threshold, which can be modified later by ‘EnergyPlus Zone Threshold’ component …

Two important things should be taken into account:

  1. you have to assign one state as a light state usually with a higher transmittance and a darker transmittance with lower transmittance…
  2. you have to make sure to input the ‘calculation method’ of shadow parameters as ‘Time Step Frequency’ which the default is ‘average’ , this is because the way the EC glazing acts is in short-time steps and requires higher calculation accuracy …

However my suggestion can be applied if you use HB…



THANK YOU! I think your method can be applied in HB+ too,the result looks like correct.