An ventilation control schedule error for DF Window Opening

Hello, everyone,

I’m customizing my window opening schedule in Dragonfly Model for a residential building block energy model. however, when I transmitted the customized schedule to the DF Window Opening component, an error happened, like the one below

it reminds me that the schedule for the DF Window Opening component is only should be the default. Meantime, I also try this schedule for HB Window Opening component, and it works.

So, this should not be the problem of my customized schedule but the DF Window Component? Could I change the window control schedule in the next steps or other ways in Dragonfly model? Because I want ultimately use the DF runURBANopt component to run the residential block energy model.

Hi @kanshan, I have the same problem, but when I try with HB Window Opening Component, the same reminder appears:

Indeed, in the “…dragonfly_energy\properties\” file, the only option is “Always On”
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@chris , is it possible to implement a personalitzed schedule?

Hi @Batiste and @kanshan ,

Thanks for bringing this up. I think I originally didn’t implement the support for window opening schedules because I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to use them and I didn’t want to write the extra checks needed to get the schedule into all of the files that can be written from the Dragonfly Model.

Now that I know that someone wants to use it, I’ll plan to get it implemented. Hopefully, I’ll get some time to do it later this week.

Thank you so much, @chris . This way, I could limit the operation only to the summer. In my opinion, the “ZoneVentilation:WindandStackOpenArea” is too detailed for urban simulation. If you don’t care about the geometry, there will be a lot of windows, and therefore, a ZoneVentilation for each window. I would find “ZoneVentilation:DesignFlowRate” for natural ventilation more compatible with the level of detail needed for each room or floor. With a ach value and the schedule you have a good aproximation and is more controllable. However, I haven’t been able to find a way to implement it using Honeybee, Dragonfly, or a measure.

@kanshan and @Batiste ,

I have added support for window ventilation schedules with this commit:

It should be available with the LB Versioner component in an hour or so.

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