Analysing shader's angle

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to analysis the effect of shader’s angle on a room’s daylight quality. but there is an error on “Run Daylight Simulation” component ~~> 1. Solution exception:Illegal characters in path. i don’t know what is the issue!

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ver south glass (727 KB)


Remove any white space and don’t Enter for setting names in the Panel.

It should work.



Thank you so much, it works… but still i have a problem which by changing the angle of shaders, the results of UDI doesn’t change. running shader and changing the angle have no effect on the results.

You need to set sensor points of your study with “shadingGroupSensors” and add to “readannualresults”.


I am in trouble in the issue like you . The blind angle is not have effect to the result . So have you addressed it .
Could you tell me how to correct it.

Thanks for in advance.