Analysis Period Component - Clarification Required

Hi All,

I’m carrying out some assessment of climate data, and would like to obtain wind rose statistics for four specific time periods throughout the day, averaged across the year.

I had originally hoped that the analysis period could provide the conditions to obtain this data, if specifying ‘fromMonth’ as 1 and ‘toMonth’ as 12, and the hour variables as required (for example 6 to 10). But the resultant visuals show that the analysisperiod component has interpreted this incorrectly and returned results from all hours between Jan 1st at 6am to Dec 31st at 10am.

Can anyone suggest a method to filter annual data down to collect only distinct hours from each successive day, to obtain the necessary wind data across an annual average?

Thanks in advance,


There is a ladybug option called “Ladybug_Average Data” one can use to filter specific values.
Take a look at the attached grasshopper file and see if it does what you area looking for (you will need to point to your weather file).
In my example, I have 7 hours during the first day of each month being filtered out with a resulting 84 data points representing the average wind speed per hour across twelve months. (405.8 KB)

Thanks for the swift feedback.

Unfortunately I have attempted the workflow you have suggested. but the ‘hourlyWindSpeed’ and ‘hourlyWindDirection’ inputs in the wind rose component appear to only accept hourly data straight from the importEPW component.

This would suggest that the solution would need to come through the analysis period alone as the only means to modify boundary conditions for data?