Analysis Period Component Issue

Hi there,

I am attempting to run a basic energy simulation with Ladybug, Honeybee, and EnergyPlus, and I am getting 5 sever errors (see attached image) about the Run Period. “[RunPeriod][customRun][day_of_week_ for_start_day] “Yes” - Failed to match against any enum. values” and others that are very similar.

It seems like my Analysis Period component is not working, as the ReadMe panel says “No data was collected”. Could this be an installation issue?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Sorry, I wasn’t able to attach the image since I am a new user. Will upload as soon as possible. Please let me know if you have any thoughts!

@zwhiteman717 ,

It sounds like you are using a newer version of EnergyPlus where the RunPeriod has been updated. It sounds like you either have to update your Ladybug Tools components to the last stable release or use OpenStudio 2.5, which we know has had no issues with honeybee.


Thanks for your answer. Yes I am using the latest Energy Plus (9.1) and OpenStudio (2.8). I have updated from Ladybug 0.64 and Honeybee 0.61, and am now using Ladybug 0.67 and Honeybee 0.64. However, I am now having a new issue (the previous “run period” error seems to have gone away) where I have no simulation errors, but the output is showing no data collected in the result file. The simulation runs almost immediately,in less than a second, but nothing seems to have been generated.

Do you have any next thoughts?

Thanks for your help!