Analysis period customisation


I am working on on the energy script with customised analysis period. How can I import hoys and output the period in V1.3.0.

If you are absolutely certain that the HOYs correspond to an analysis period and aren’t some random discontinuous list of hours, then you can use the start and end HOY to build an analysis period like so: (28.4 KB)

hi @chris , they are not some random discontinous list of hour, but some of the hours are excluded as I am simulating school canlendar where some of the days are holidays. I don’t think I can use the above method. Are there any alternatives? I’ve already get all hoys of the year though and trying to turn HOY to period.

This isn’t something that you can do with an analysis period, then. You can probably do it by taking your HOYs and making a data collection with them. Then you can use a conditional statement with this data collection to remove any values from the data you actually care about.

If you were more specific about what you’re trying to do, I can probably give a more specific answer for you case. Do you just want to specify an occupancy schedule for the TCP calculation of the comfort map?

Hi Chris,

Here’s the script I used for. I’ve highlighted the part. Could you please have a look when you are available?
Outdoor_UTCI_Spatial_T1 (797.3 KB)

Hi @chris,do you have any ideas?