Analysis period for passive heat gains

Hi team,

I’m running into a problem with LBT v1.1.0.

Trying to understand passive heat gains in a space to optimise façade options that complaint with Passive House Principles (max 15kWh/m2.y cooling load).
The project is an office, with typical occupancy hours (8-18).
I’ve connected schedules for lighting, occupancy etc and analysis period to account only for day time. Although, the results include 24/7 despite the analysis period. However, if I change months instead of hours, text adjusts accordingly.

I’ve attached a grasshopper script, with only the trouble making section left in, although it still looks pretty big.

On the screenshot below,
1 - is analysis period input;
2 - graphical representation results;
3 – results value;
4 – schedules (lighting, people, infiltration).

Does anyone run into the problem before, or has an idea what can be wrong/how to fix it?

Would appreciate your advice.

210303_Passive (208.0 KB)