Analysis period from hour 0 (custom data to be plotted on the Psychrometric chart)

I’m trying to plot some data that I have in an Excel sheet on a psychrometric chart, my data starts from 8/23 hour 0, to 9/1 hour 23. The image below shows the beginning of the data. Whenever I try to create an analysis period with <<from hour 24 to hour 23 >> I get this error: “1. Well! I think I know what do you mean by having start hour bigger than end hour…Ladybug is not ready for that yet so it swapped the values order!…Sorry!”. I attached the Grasshopper file with internalized temp and humidity (508.6 KB)

Try to change fromHour input to 0.


When I change the input to 0 the output shows hour 1 (image below). Also, I have a question about plotting the data on the Psychrometric chart, I create a header and I connect an analysis period to the “create custom header” component, I don’t need to connect an analysis period component to the psychrometric component, am I right? (an image of the workflow is below and the Grasshopper file is in the original post)

I was able to get the data to plot. However, I need to get the hours right from 0 to 23. Any ideas?

(512.5 KB)

Hi @RaniaLabib, If I understand what you’re trying to achieve correctly as far as the hours match 0-23 and 1-24 should not really matter in your case. Can you clarify how the two are going to be different in your case?

@mostapha, that’s right, it doesn’t matter in this case. However, most collected data in our energy lab start with hour 0 and I wanted to know how to set up the analysis period to start with hour 0, in case I get tasked to plot other graphs that start with 0.

The choice of 1-24 was a bad design decision that I made early on and unfortunately there is no easy way to fix it now as it will break so many components. :confused:

I agree with your suggestion and in Ladybug[+] and Honeybee[+] The hours are fixed and are from 0-23.

@mostapha I didn’t know that the hours in Ladybug [+] and Honeybee [+] are from 0 to 23. In this forum, I learn something new every day :smiley:

Thanks for your help!

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