Analysis period no avaible from 23pm to 5am

I am searching the PMV comfort in warehouse, I have to do many simulations with different R value for the walls to find the best one, everrything is ok here. But the warehouse operates with 0.027 people/sqm from 11pm to 5 am and here is the problem I tried to put a schedule directly to the honeybee zones but the final result in PMV gives me the 8760hr per year… So then I put an analysis period directly to the PMV but does not allows me to put the hour from 11pm to 5 am, sa I had to divide the simulation into two with 23-24 and 1-5 but this givesme separete data that is to much to fix in excel… (here is a screenshot that Ladybug says is not ready for that set of hours im searching for)…
Does anyone have other idea?

Other thing, I was asked to find a ventilation rate that gives good comfort in other to do the passive design… There are three options where I found to put this value:
1.- Set EPZoneLoads
2.- Set EPNaturalVentilation
3.- And Finale in the input WindSpeed in the PMVComfortCalculation
¿Does the three of them gives the same result?¿Which one is the most adecuate? I am just looking for a ventilation rate value that gives the best comfort and from there the ventilation strategie will be designed. Is not through windows because the warehouse is closed, but the idea to find this ventilation rate is in order to not use AC.

(anexed files are, canvas screenshot of the ladybug message, rhinofile, and grasshopperfile)

DHL QUERETARO volumen ortogonal.3dm (255.9 KB)

Hi @Danielaranda, I believe if you use the latest version of LBT (ver 1.5, rather than the legacy version in your screenshot) it can now handle overnight analysis periods. Note you can’t mix legacy and ver 1.5 components (ie connect legacy to new).

Also the new components will allow you to edit the HVAC settings to include a mechanical ventilation rate. I’m not sure if this was possible in legacy or not.

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Thanks! I´ll update it!