Analysis Period start hour bigger than end hour automatic flipping

Dear Mostapha,

There seems to be a limitation at setting the occupancy period from a start time larger than the end time. I get this cool message:

1. Well! I think I know what do you mean by having start hour bigger than end hour…Ladybug is not ready for that yet so it swapped the values order!…Sorry!

I want to set occupancy period for a residential building from 18.00 to 9.00 next morning. Meaning for a person that is at work from 9-18.00




You need to set your occupancy from 0 to 9 (say it is 1), then from 9:01 (or 10) to 17:59 set it to 0 and from 18 to 24 set it back to 1 again. This is how you set schedules in E+.


Thank you Abraham!