Analysis view - problem


I’m practicing with this fantastic plug-in, in particular I’m working with the “analysis view” tool:

I saw that the analysis doesn’t work on surfaces with normal vector (0,0,1): I’m doing something wrong or it’s an impossible request?


Analysis_view_problem.3dm (53.7 KB) (40.4 KB)

Hi J[D],

Thank you so much for the kind words. Unfortunately, the way View analysis component calculates the view has few problems and one of them is what you mentioned in this post. The reason that view for all the points on the roof is zero is that the component projects the test points to XY Plane so the heights of the points not affect the result.

I modified the script in your file and attached it so you can give it a try but I don’t suggest you to use the current view analysis component until I fix all the issues.


Mostapha (32.2 KB)