Analyzing Frit Pattern in Grasshopper


I have a project who’d like to analyze the daylight impact of adding frit to a window surface. The team shared with me the research paper “A New Approach to Modeling Frit Patterns for Daylight Simulation” as a workflow they are hoping to replicate. I have a couple of questions for others who have modeled frit patterns and specifically @mostapha as this is your research:

A) It appears the Human component that is used in this research was to help create the curved and perforated surface that they were analyzing, if I am analyzing a flat frit pattern do I need to use this component?

B) If I do need to use the Human component, the research talks about the need of a custom Grasshopper component to convert the geometry into the required Radiance files, is that component available somewhere?

C) I’ve been reading some of the other forums on here about frit pattern modeling but I am new to this analysis so was wondering if anyone had resources/video tutorials on this topic that could help get me started.