Analyzing sun hours based on local weather data


Is there a component to analyze the sunlight/sunshine-hours on a model and its context, based on the site’s weather data records?

Correct me if I’m wrong but, it seems that the Sunlight hours analysis component only uses the location but no other data from the EPW, which would mean that the simulation doesn’t consider the local weather data. So how is the sunlight hour analysis relevant if it doesn’t return values based on the local weather?


What information from weather data, beyond the location, do you think you need for the sunlight hour analysis?
Or, what is the result you expect from the sunlight analysis?


I’m imagining i.e. direct irradiation? I expect a result that represents the statistical weather data of sunshine hours (defined as direct irradiation > 120 W/m² measured in hours). A lot of the time clouds obstruct the sun, meaning less sun hours. Sure enough, my simulation results show way more hours than normal of the site.

I might be mistaking the component for something else?

Hi @per-axel

You can run a sunpath analysis study with a conditional statement first, see the attached image, and then use the sun vector to feed the Ladybug_Sunlight Hours Analysis component.

I think you are. The sunlight hour analysis calculates the vectors to the sun and maps the shaded areas on you desired geometry to check. And this is to get the potential of shade or exposure of those geometries.
For a more accurate calculation, amount of radiation you get, i suggest using HB radiation analysis.


Thanks @niprotogeros That’s just perfect!
Good tip @AbrahamYezioro I should try that too.