Annaul schedule rotation for an object

Hi HB-LB community,
I’m a student and I’m using grasshopper to conduct an energy study on a building. I have a problem with a group of breps that i generated with a rotation parameter. Those breps should rotate during the day following the energy use of my zone to reduce cooling or heating (based on the period), correct me if I’m wrong but I assigned them as HBContext. I used galapagos to calculate the ideal rotation of those breps. Is there a way to assign to the breps a schedule for their rotation that E+ can run ?
(This will be a daily schedule Knowing the large number of iteration tha galapagos will take)
Thank you for the attention

I would recommend instead of rotating the Breps, rotate the North axis.
You can create a vector and connect it to the North input in the energy plus or open studio simulation component, then assign a rotating component to this vector with a slider to control the rotation degree.

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Thank you for the reply.
I don’t think it would work because rotating north will rotate the orientation of my building wich doesn’t have to, moreover some of those shadings have to rotate along non vertical axes.

If there’s a way to assign a schedule to each one of the shadings, my idea is to make galapagos run for each hour of the day I choose (on a separate solve operation for each one). Once the 4 best fitting rotation of each hour are obatined I’ll copy that roation angle in a gene pool so I’ll have 4 schedules for that day.
My goal is to assign those schedule to their shading brep and then run an energy simulation that will show the difference between non rotating and rotating breps.
This is the plan.

Oh sorry, I didn’t realize that you want to rotate shading breps I thought you wanted to rotate the zones.
Did you try creating these shades using the Honeybee window shade generator component? This component can have an assigned schedule that controls the opening and closing of the shades.

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I can attempt to but those shadings are 3D elements, i surely can simplify them as surfaces with that component wich will help with at least 3 of them, but for the last one i needs it to rotate along an axis wich is neither horizontal or vertical.
Does that component work only on a window that is inside the zone i want to analize? If not i can create a fictitious window to make it work.

Yes, the component only works on the created windows in the model and applies shading louvers on them with the desired depth and angle. You can create a window for the last one and apply an opaque construction material to it so that it won’t affect the thermal and energy consumption in the zones.

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There was a misunderstandig, that component won’t work for the last component because of its inclination.

Those shadings will affect not only windows. Can I create a big fitious window to include all the vertical shadings while using the walls and the windows you see in the Simulation?