Annual Daylight Analysis - Error


i trying to conduct standard annual daylight analysis, but i’m getting an error as below.

  1. Solution exception:a479823c-2d26-4a62-baa7-6c3ae12ee768

I can’t seem to find what have i done is wrong.
Annual_Daylight_Simulation_Template.3dm (76.6 KB) (542.4 KB)

can someone please help?

Add Glazing by creating a glazing surface on the wall (do not create a puncture on the wall to add a new glazing surface) .
please check this file (554.1 KB) Annual_Daylight_Simulation_Template.3dm (112.5 KB)

Hi Teja,

It did work indeed. Many thanks.

Can I please ask few queries based on it?

  1. You have isolated all building elements instead of using HBZones. If I use HB zone (my original definition) it does not work, gives another error. So when & how do we use HBZones?
  2. It seems like the Simulation in your definition has ignored the sky-light, even though it does not show any errors. Why would that happen?

if you could find some time to respond, it will be very helpful.


I have highlighted the two methods.

Annual_Daylight_Simulation_Template.3dm (104.6 KB) (581.8 KB)

try using honeybee plus components for simulating the skylight.

Thnx a lot Teja.

How do i get HoneyBee Plus? i do not have all HBPlus components. i have latest 2020 HB components.

food4rhino and you can refer to this