Annual daylight sim- different results and it does not take shading into account

Hi everyone,

I am making an annual daylight simulation on a single zone building where the aim is to change the glass ratios on the surfaces and check the daylight. I highlighted the windows with red lines, two on the sides and one on the roof. I used the “Honeybee_Read_ Annual Result I” and plugged in the Udli_less_100, Udli_100_2000, Udli_More_2000. All three show different results on the floor and in this case only the “UDLI_More_2000” part shows reasonable result, but the other two (UDLI_less_100 and UDLI_100_2000) show different and strange results. Can I ask why only the “UDLI_More_2000” shows reasonable result (even though it is not more than 2000) and the other are different. Maybe I did something wrong but I dont know.
This is the GH part of it

This is with Udli_less_100

with UDLI_100_2000

and with UDLI_More_2000

Furthermore, if the glass ratio is quite big there could be a shading outside of the building, but unfortunately the simulation does not take it into account (it seems that there is no shading meanwhile there is)

Thank you for your help in advance!

@Saboakos You should upload your grasshooper file for discussion.

@minggangyin Hi, I solved the problem. It was so annoying but, I needed to replace the “Honeybee EP conetxt Surface” with a new one (same version just put a new one onto the canvas) and for now it works.