Annual Daylight Simulation Building Study cmd error

Hi everyone,

I have tried to run an annual daylight simulation for the following and hit an error in the .cmd that forces the whole simulation to stop that reads:

\Program Files\Rhino 6\System>ds_el_lighting.exe c:\ladybug\unamed\annualSimulation\unamed_0_space_0.hea
WARNING: DGP profile: c:\ladybug\unamed\annualSimulation\unamed_0_space_0.dgp not found.

Grasshopper file and screenshot of message can be found in here:

I am sure the Ladybug/Daysim/Radiance files are all installed correctly in the C: drive because the example files simulate OK. But the nature of the message above has me querying.

Chances are the Grasshopper script could be better. The areas shaded in blue and red are in reference to a split in the building, feeding into the orange area which is the annual daylight simulation script.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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Firstly you should use meter instead of millimeter in modeling.

And I can run your grasshooper definition well. Here is the result

I have similar problem as @leonardo.ali. When trying to run honeybee daylight annual simulation it stops with warning:

Could someone please check what is wrong with my file?
GH file: