Annual daylight simulation error

Hi, I am doing an annual daylight simulation to find spatial daylight autonomy and the script runs, but for some reason if I rotate my model just slightly, the daylight simulation gives me result that is almost certainly wrong, but if the model is not rotated and just aligned with the x and y axes, it works fine.

Between the two simulations, rotating the model in rhino (not in grasshopper) has been the only change I have made, and the components I am using are ver 0.0.63. of annualDaylightSimulation, runDaylightAnalysis, and reaadAnnualResultsI

Is there any reason why simply rotating my model will so drastically affect the daylight? My model is a simple box with one wall fully glazed.

The image shows the two output simulations in rhino, but the simulations were conducted at the exact same location and with the same context geometry, only rotation being different.

Welcome to the forum @Rajath, my first bet would be that it’s a tolerance issue. I’d recommend running again using the latest version of HB and not the legacy version, as I think that will handle tolerancing issues like this much better