Annual Daylight Simulation not outputting .ill files


I am hoping someone could help me with this issue.

When I run annual simulation, I get the following error message from the “readAnnualResultsl”;

  1. Can’t sort .ill files based on the file names. Make sure branches are sorted correctly.
    1. Solution exception:Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\Ladybug\Annual\annualSimulation’.

It looks like “runDaylightAnalysis” component is not generating .ill files in the folder.
But “runDaylightAnalysis” is not outputting any error message.

When I run it, command screen wizzes through so I don’t think it’s running annual simulation at all. Am I putting in wrong settings for Daysim / Radiance?

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance! (75.5 KB)


You connected study folder to .ill files input. You need to provide a list that contains only .ill files.

Connect annual_analysis_files output to _illFilesAddress.



Hi Omid,

Silly me…

Thank you very much for the correction!

But I am still getting an error. “Major Input missing. Please check”

From looking at runDaylightAnalysis Component, it seems to have not run.

Am I not inputting the right parameters?




Try to run the analysis again (False & True or close and open GH file ). It seems that wire detached\disconnected from the output and the output data was removed.

Moreover, you can use Honeybee_**Lookup Daylighting Folder. **


I would also try to set to TRUE the overwriteResults in the runAnalysis, or delete the folder with the old results.


Omid and Abraham,

Thank you both for the comments.

I’ve tried re-running it, and used “Honeybee_Lookup Daylighting Folder” comp.

I don’t get any illFiles nor annual profiles.

I’ve also set to TRUE to overwrite Results, still the same err.

Omid, what did you mean by output?

I am attaching updated gh file. Hopefully everything is connected.

Bo (95.1 KB)

Hi, I got it solved.

It worked after closing everything and setting everything to true.

Thank you!