Annual daylight simulation with shading and automatic control


Just discovering the Ladybug tools & community. Thank you!

For a research project on lighting energy consumption, I would like to run annual CMBD simulations to compare the efficiency of various shading and automatic dimming strategies.

I can code (Python, C/C++, etc.) and am with unix. I found that Radiance and Daysim have the relevant features, but that the learning curve is very steep.

Do you think that the honeybee library be used to ease this curve ? Otherwise, may I ask which approach should I consider ?

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Yes, honeybee should make it a lot easier to work with Radiance, especially if you want to incorporate geometric procedures in your research.

I’m not sure what you mean that you are using Unix. My understanding is that Unix just describes a family of OS, that most popularly encompasses Windows, and Linux.

At any rate, I believe this is the library you want: Honeybee+ is basically a wrapper for Radiance, and should be cross platform.