Annual daylight, XData value

Hello everyone,

I’m working on Annual Daylight analys. I have a question about this.

Every time I open the Grasshopper program, the numerical analysis values in Xdata change. I couldn’t understand why. I would be glad if you help.
You can see the changing values when I open the same file from the images I added.


There is not a lot of information to go on here.

What kind of change are we talking about?

A small change is expected, especially with low settings of radiance parameters, as every Radiance simulation is stochastic to some degree.



When I first open the program, the value in the Xdata value section for the 8th hour of the day is 1.361678. When I close the program and reopen it, this value becomes 0.69221. I don’t understand why the values are changing.

Thank you in advance for your help.