Annual daylighting problem (ds_illum.exe has stopped working)

does any one know why this is happening

it does not happen for my laptop or when I have to run the same algorithm for energy using energy components from honey bee so it has to be something related either to Daysim or to the administration authorisation on my pc in the university.

so any one who have seen this and was using a pc on a work network like a university or a firm please let me know how to fix it

regards anas

This is a classic bug in Daysim which can happen for different reasons. Did you look online for this issue. I remember that I have seen this discussion a couple of times. Some people got it to work by restarting. Once I have been told it’s an issue with the number of points being more than 5000 but that turned out not to be the reason.

thank you moustapha for your reply

my analysis from the CMD it was trying to creat a temp file in somewhere i don’t have authorization for.
but even with getting the IT in my UNI to give me full authority over C drive, Rhino, Daysim and radiance it was removed for a couple of runs and then appeared again.

i know it is not relevant but how can i register for the Thursday’s webinars?

and as you may already know i can give any assistance needed for the sensitivity analysis session



Hi Anas. You should this question under Chris’s post and he should be able to help you with that. I’m not involved in any of the presentations/webinars.

thank you mostapha,

i already found it and please keep me notified if you knew any thing new about the daysim bug



Mine was solved by modifying the unit.
Unit of Rhino might be in millimeter rather than meter.