Annual Glare Remediation in a Library

Dear Devang,
Thank you.
could I move the floor up to 0.8 m as a working plane and put it as a furniture as shown in the figure ?or what should it be? since I do not have table and chair inside as furniture but I want to have a working plane above the floor by 0.8m .
And what should I set in the ledge or I put it also as a working plane 0.8m above the floor?

You don’t need a working plane to do glare analysis. Glare analysis is a view based analysis. For your questions, I would request you to please clearly mention what you’re trying to achieve.

What I am trying to do is to know if inside the library we have (which is the geometrical shape having the curved wall as shown in the figure ) the students are annoyed by the glare when they are reading books on the working plane which is the table (0.8m above the floor) (But I did not install yet the tables so for this reason I am telling you that if could I put a working plane as a floor 0.8m above).
After doing this analysis I will try to put kinetic units (that open and close) on the windows of the library to have better daylight inside the library and to reduce the glare .
(NB: I need to do this on different type of indoor simulation and I have starting to learn on the glare inside the space )
If you have any other question, I am ready to clarify it.
Again thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: