Annual radiation analysis using Honeybee_Run Daylight Simulation_Analysis period



Dear all,

I am running a radiation analysis using Honeybee_Grid Based Simulation, Run Daylight Simulation and Honeybee_Generate Climate Based Sky. This component allows setting only a specific day and hour of the year. Is it possible to set up an extended analysis period instead of a single day and a single hour?

Thanks a lot.


Of course. Annual radiation studies that model radiation at every hour of the year is one of the main reasons HB+ was created.
Try looking at the example file here:

If you update your components to sync with the github, you will see that you can also run radiation studies with ASHRAE Clear Skies, which are particularly important for radiation studies related to HVAC sizing.

Note that, while you can use the file above to get cumulative radiation, actual studies using cumulative skies are not yet implemented in HB+. All of this is to say that these HB+ examples might be a bit overkill if all that you need is just the total radiation falling on a surface over the year. If that is all that you need, you might be better off using cumulative skies in legacy HB for now.


Thanks Chris, you make my day.

I appreciate your suggestion about time computing and I will use Cumulative Skies in HB for now.

Thank you.