Annual Schedule difference between Honeybee 0.0.60 and 0.0.62

Hi guys!

I am using Honeybee for an office’s energy simulation.I am confused with the schedule setting.In Honeybee 0.0.60,the Annual Schedule has some input such as epw file for Holiday、custom holidays、start Day Of Week、generate Values.But in Honeybee 0.0.62 has deleted these important inputs.Due to without these inputs,I can’t set weekday a schedule ,and set weekends and holidays another schedule.

And the Annual Schedule in Honeybee 0.0.60 can’t generate the value and visualized using 3d Chart component.

So I wish next version of Honeybee can return these important inputs.


The functionality is still there but those inputs to the annual schedule component were removed because they weren’t actually generating holidays that could be run through the energy simulation in the output “schedule”. Holidays should be assigned using the “Honeybee_Energy Simulation Par” and you can still get a visual of the schedule with holidays included by passing the component through the Honeybee_Convert EnergyPlus Schedule to Values" component like so:

I have to make a new video at some point that shows best practices for making new schedules. I’ll hopefully get to this soon.

-Chris (546 KB)

Also, this example is a good reference for everything about assigning schedules:…

Hi Chris Mackey,

Thanks for your enthusiastic reply. Now I have a deeper understanding of schedule setting.I will follow your advice and learn the example file.