AnnualToData component fails to compute when rooms with no windows are used in the model

After diving a bit deeper into the issue with the AnnualToData component it seems as though the issue occurs for test planes which receive no light, ie a zone with no glazing. I realised this after filtering through each test plane and making note of which test surfaces caused the AnnualToData component to break. I still wasnt convinced so I applied an internal window to one of the spaces which was causing the component to break just as a test and this solved the issue!

I looked into the results files on my drive and it seems as though spaces with no windows are given an empty light path property, which I think causes the issue, I imagine a fix would be to populate a 8760 array with zero lux values, rather than a null or empty array, that way the AnnualToData component would be able to at least read the data branch.


component runs when internal windows added to rooms

Hi @mgillot,

Thanks for reporting the issue.

You are right! This happens in some of the other methods, e.g., populating a zero array of daylight autonomy values, but it was not added to the annual_data method.

I pushed a fix for this, which you should be able to get within an hour by updating your core libraries with LB Versioner.

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