Anual Daylight analysis


My simulation for Anual Daylight analysis is running, and at the end the LegenParameters are shown but not there is not information displayed in the grid as it should be.
¿What am I doing wrong?
(file attached the files)

4.- Caja prueba.3dm (55.6 KB) RADIACION caja (518.7 KB)

Can you try to flip the surface and check/.

Hi, thanks for replying!

Well filpped the grid surface into a Zaxis and from X axis to Y axis. And still after running it´s only shown the LegendParameters and not the DaylightAnalysis into the grid. I thought I was missing the plugg-in Therm, so I downloaded the Therm 7.6 but still no visual result.

(finde attached the last images)


Daylight analysis not shown|399x500

can you share the simple file ?

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Grashopper file
RADIACION caja (515.3 KB)

Actually the model on Rhino is just a simple box to test the file I made in grashopper. So the real model is a 6 apartment floor with windows. And when I run this same file with it I don’t even get the LegendParameters shown. So I am a bit confused.

3d model of appartments
1.- PTule caja continua.3dm (189.5 KB)

Please try this.1.- PTule caja continua.3dm (201.4 KB) RADIACION caja (536.0 KB)

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It works now!!

So you put the DecomposedBasedOnType right? and then the Geo and the Flip, which I don´t understand why (I am still new on grasshopper). But the rest stayed the same right? Where could I set the “Wire” so I can see the clean geometry? I mean I could set the geometry in Rhino on Wireframe, but I would like to apply it from grasshopper.

Now I am going to test on the real model

Thank you so much!!!

You also removed the the createHBSrfc… why does some people recomend to set such plane in front of windows and you decided to remove it?

Is not working if I change the Brep of the zone nad the Srf of the windows to another model.

This is just an example, you can refer the example files here.

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Thank you so much!!! I will.