Any chance to compare temperature with inside vs outside with LB+HB?

Hi all,

I know it sounds silly, but I am currently working on a small passive pavilion project, so it has no mechanical HAVC system. What I am trying to analyze is the DB Temperature differences between inside the pavilion and outside, and generated a visualized map.

So the question is which component I should work with to visualized the temperature differences? I tried HB-indoorAirTemMap component but it only provided a solid color distribution at floor plate level (attached). How can I get the indoorAirTemMap and OutdoorAirTemMap at the same time to see the passive strategies performance?

HB-in vs (531 KB)

Hi Yao,

I’m sorry that nobody get back to you on this sooner. What you really need is the output of the energy simulation and not the comfort tool.

Back to your file for an energy simulation you need to create a zone which is a closed Brep. You also need to make sure that you set is conditioned to False if you want the space not to be ventilated.

Check the attached file for a working example for box room. I used Mass2Zones component to create the zone but you can also create it surface by surface if you want. (530 KB)