Any Job related to Ladybug and Honeybee?

Hi the almighty group,

Is there any Architecture Company (design or consultant) in US using ladybug and honeybee a lot?

I am graduate student in Penndesign, MEBD program. I have been using Ladybug and Honeybee for half a year. I want to find a architecture design or consultant job now. And I am really interested in sustainable building design with the help of ladybug and honeybee. Any recommend company?

By the way is there any Company in China using Ladybug and Honeybee ?



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Hi,Chenyang. I am a LB+HB user in China.I am worked in East China Architectural Design & Research Institute. In the concept design phase,our team cooperate with the architect.Usually,we do some analysis such as solar radiation , daylighting and simple energy modeling . LB+HB is more powerful and parametric analysis tools. As I knew,LB+HB users are growing rapidly this year. Many architecture student and green building consultant is learning LB+HB.