Any suggestions on learning resources for Grasshopper for someone completely new to algorithmic modelling?

I have pretty solid Rhino skills, but want to take it to the next level with parametric designs. I’ve started the basic course on LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) but it’s moving too fast for me. Any recommendations on a good course that introduces the concept of algorithmic modelling at the same time as teaching me Grasshopper?

Hi @aaron10, welcome to the forum! This is the forum for Ladybug Tools and not Grasshopper itself. Hopefully someone can help you here with a link but you might get more answers if you post this question to McNeel’s forum:

Hi @aaron10. You have a good trend. congratulate! You can find great materials to learn parametric designs at “Rhino Grasshopper Tutorials”, and beyond. Please tell me if you want more lectures on this topic!

Parametric House.