Any update on the Butterfly?

may i ask if there is any update on the development of the butterfly component to connect GH to OpenFOAM for CFD simulation?

BTW, any recommendation on OpenFORM learning materials?

Much obliged!

Hello Grasshope,

As far as I know, the development of the actual Butterfly component and its code is currently underway and I know Mostapha will have much more actual news to share on this as he is the one developing it. I believe it is becoming a priority along with cleaning up LB/HB API.

Me and Chris have also worked for some time in a workflow that links CFD results (coming from OpenFoam) to LB/HB and specifically his micro-climate components. Initial results have been very encouraging and we are just currently looking for a bit of free time to run a few more studies and comparisons in order to assess the accuracy of the method.

Since Chris is the one developing the code and tools within the work flow I will leave it up to him to decide when he thinks they are stable enough to share. We are also looking forward to that since we understand how important an active community like LB/HB’s will be in developing this further.

As for learning materials I would recommend you download and install OpenFoam in either platform you prefer, and then going over the amazing User Guide provided. It will work you through a couple of the (many) tutorials that are available within the installation of the software.

After that, almost every question that you will have has been asked and answered here:

It is quite a steep curve but after a bit of head smashing on the keyboard it gets much much easier.

Feel free to ask anything here, either in PM or in this thread maybe and I’ll gladly help if I can.

Good luck!

Kind regards,


Thank you very much, Theodore, for your detailed update!

I can get OpenFORM installed on Mac OS X and run it correctly. However, I’m still struggling installing OpenFOAM in Windows 7 system, especially the last common error as shown on the OpenFOAM windows installation intro page:

Somehow, reinstallation doesn’t solve the problem as suggested on the webpage …

I’ll check the CFD forum as you suggested for advice.

Thank you, again!

Hi Grasshope,

It’s no problem, haven’t done anything yet :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I can’t be much help with that error. I’ve never installed in Windows (also not using the docker version of OpenFOAM) and it seems that error is not an OpenFOAM related error but a docker/VM error.

I’m sure something will be found in cfd-online. If not let me know if you have Linux and we can install OpenFOAM with a couple commands :slight_smile:

Kind regards,



With continuous support from Theodore finally we have a working prototype of butterfly for outdoor studies. It works but it’s not robust. Let me know if you’re willing to test and give us feedback. Cheers.

Hi, I know its late to reply now but I have tested this case and got pressure and velocity results. It seems there is no error with velocity results however pressure values are too low (4 pa max). I have seen that you have added some correction to result values, e.g. for pressure values,its -273,15 pascal(can be seen in the image). But with that correction, you just see negative pressures in all of the domain. Because the values you get at first are too low. So whats the reason that you need to correct the values coming from OF? I assumed that the values from OF should be multiplied with 10(power of 5) then atmospheric pressure (101325 for 15 C degree) should be subtracted from these values. I tried that but the latest values were not reasonable.

Secondly, I couldnt find output files which can be opened in Paraview, did you get the file from butterfly run?

The -273.15 should not be there. That’s a mistake. It was there from another file for converting K degrees to C.

Thanks for the reply, I want to be in the testing team if its possible, btw I can provide logartimic expressions(.c file) as to wind profile.

After some comprehensive research I have seen that OpenFoam divides the pressure values to air density for the output results. However in CFD simulations we wait for relative pressure loads as its. So do you have a plan to corect these values coming from OF?

Hi Mostapha~

I’m very interested in Beta testing Butterfly as well as Dragonfly if they are now available. Our office is working on some interesting research initiatives that would benefit greatly from Butterfly specifically.


Hi Mark, Check this link for Butterfly!