Aperture FaceType colored as "N/A"

Hi there!
I have created a model and I’ve noticed that the component “HB Color Face Attributes” does not color the apertures as “Apertures”. It labels them as “N/A”, although it seems that the apertures have been well set. Walls, Roof Ceilings and Floors seem to work OK.
I am using 1.1.1 version for this Color component. Any ideas of what is causing this issue?

Thanks you all in advance,


Try checking with the VizByType or the FacesByType components.

Hi @AbrahamYezioro , thanks for the quick response.
The components you suggest run perfectly, as I can see the apertures. The thing I was wondering is if there was any problem with my model or the problem is related with the “HB Color” component.


There’s nothing wrong with your model.

You get a N/A because Apertures don’t have a Face Type property. Only Faces have a Face type. So the Face Type property is not applicable to Apertures.