Apertures not matched with parent face


Since I am not using rhino pollination plugin, as part of my workflow, I convert the DF model (exported with revit pollination plugin) to HB model. Then, deconstructing the HB room to modify the program and the construction set per room (if needed). Is there another way to assign some operable windows to each room? I get an error (the apertures are not matched with any parent face) when I add the deconstructed apertures to the deconstructed room faces to reconstruct the modified room.

Hi, any hint on this will be appreciated

Hi @ffotsing,

It looks like it’s possible to set an aperture as operable through python, judging by the Honeybee SDK code for apertures here:

    def is_operable(self):
        """Get or set a boolean for whether the Aperture can be opened for ventilation.
        return self._is_operable

    def is_operable(self, value):
            self._is_operable = bool(value)
        except TypeError:
            raise TypeError(
                'Expected boolean for Aperture.is_operable. Got {}.'.format(value))

I could probably have a look into writing a ghpython component to do this next week when I’m at my laptop.

Hey @charlie.brooker thanks for the hint. Will also explore this route. Let me know if you manage to write a ghpython component.

Hi @ffotsing, here’s a simple script that lets you toggle windows operable to on/off (True/False)

LBT_Set_Operable_Windows.gh (25.1 KB)

It took me a little while to work out the code, but this is what’s inside that ghPython component

x = _input_apertures
y = _operable

x.is_operable = y
a = x.is_operable

It seems that the LBT objects are held in Python memory - so if you set the windows as operable here it doesn’t need to be reconnected into the general “stream” of components.

For future reference, Chris has answered this better on the Pollination discourse.

Yes, Saw this. Thanks for giving a try @charlie.brooker !