Apply heating/cooling thermostats schedule to zones in Ironbug

Hello! I am wondering if there is a way to apply heating and cooling thermostats schedule in Ironbug. For example, these schedules show up in OS under zones → hvac systems. Is this something I can do as part of the IB Thermal Zone component, or somewhere else? Currently I do not see this as an option.

Separately, I am also wondering how to go about setting cooling/heating zone design supply temperatures to plenum zones? These parameters are listed under OS: Thermal Zones: Cooling Sizing Parameter, but not under the OS: Air Loop HVAC: Return Plenum. But, the returnPlenum input of the IB Plenum Zone component does not take another IB Thermal Zone. Hope I didn’t miss anything. Many thanks!

Hi @zwang you are looking for these components in HB:

This is it. Thank you, Mingbo!