Applying Conditional Statements to Radiation Analysis

Hello, is it possible to apply a conditional statement to the Radiation Analysis Component?

For example, I’d like to run an annual analysis on a 3D Geometry, but only visualize the kWh/m2 hitting the surface for the extremely hot time of the year. I can setup a conditional statement with the Solar Path Component, but I’d then like to apply that time-frame to the Radiation Analysis Component.

Thanks in advance!

You can give a conditional statement according to temperature and/or radiation.

Also, if you are interested in extreme situations, you can analyse just the extreme hot week of the year. You can aget it from the LB_importSTAT component.


Thanks or the response.

I looked at the Import Stat Component and while it provides some good information, I’d like to be able to define what an extreme temperature would be.

To further the discussion, I’ve setup a conditional statement with the Solar Path Component where the direct radiation is above 630 and the temperature is above 18. I’d like to take that time where those conditions exist and plug it into the Radiation Component.

Is there a way to extract the time period of the conditional statement, in this case form the Sunpath Chart, and plug it into an analysis period for the Radiation Analysis?

Reid and Abraham,

We weren’t planning to support a conditionalStatment input on the “SelectSkyMtx” component until the release of Ladybug[+] but you can use the following workaround with the current Ladybug to apply a kind of conditional statement to your radiation analyses:

The “SelectSkyMtx” component will only use radiation from the hours of the year (HOYs) that are input into it. So the example above effectively builds a sky radiation dome that is just for hours of the year when the dry bulb temperature is above 15 C.


-Chris (395 KB)


We just cross each other. I was trying the following, which i think can work with both (or more) conditionals:


Ah! Very smart, Abraham. Yea, that effectively gives you all of the capabilities of a conditional statement and is a more complete version of what I proposed. The only suggestion that I’d make is that you might want to connect an analysis period for the full year to the sunpath if you want the statement to apply to values over the full year.

That worked great Abraham, thanks for the help everyone!


I have used Abrahams method in my model ( to split the solar radiation hitting a surface in the spring as either beneficial or detrimental based on the temperature. When I add these two results together they don’t equal the total radiation hitting the surface when the analysis is not split. Any reason why? Is there something wrong in my file?