Aragog Fix Issues

Used Aragog R12 - How do we fix the adjacent spaces issues & closed vertices issues - tried going the ‘delete surface’ route but that simply deletes it instead of fixing it.
Tried it in R14.4 as well - any advice here?


Developer here. And I’m here to learn as well.

I could spend an hour building a web page for R12 with the explanation or making a YouTube video. And do the same for R14. But - because of current stage the code - you might still have to click hundreds of time to make the fixes. This is not what good engineering is about. I am not here to give you carpal tunnel syndrome. :wink:

We are working hard on Spider gbXML Viewer ‘Maevia’ R15. The overall objective is to fix issues in three clicks or less.

R15 is still at an early stage, but it’s worth having a look. It opens gbXML files that are hundreds of megabytes in size and it even opens them when they are inside ZIP files. It can do this because it’s simpler and faster than previous releases.

We are currently investigating the process of identifying issues (see the Edit menu). In the image you show, I see 60 surfaces with duplicate adjacent spaces. It looks like the issue is the same on a number of floors. If we could identify the issue then we could write code to fix the issue.

Can you supply us with a gbXML file that has typical issues you need to fix? I would be happy to try to make a one or two button fix.

Appreciate your help! Could you give me your email ID so that I could forward you the gbXML file? Looking forward to R15 as well.

tarmour - at - gmail - dot - com