Are Honeybee components backward compatible?

After I updated my Honeybee (v0.0.63, Jun-02-2018) and Ladybug (v0.0.66, Jun-02-2018), I replaced the following three PV related components with their older versions downloaded from Github. However, they are not shown in Grasshopper at all.

May I ask if this means that older versions of the HB&LB components are not compatible with the latest HB&LB, and I have to downloaded the entire set of HB&LB components at the previous time point to make sure they will work together?

GenPV (v0.0.63, Jan-20-2018): link

generaterSystem (v0.0.62, Jul-28-2017): link

runEnergySimulation (v0.0.63, Jan-20-2018): link

Hi @Grasshope, I’m lost here. Why didn’t you just use the components from the same version? I don’t think we have removed runEnergySimulation component at any point.

cc: @chris