Array for brise soleils and shading mask problems

Good afternoon, Im writting this lines because I have a problem with shading mask. Im creating a model in grassopher like the solar tools of ecotect. When I create the room, the hole for the windows and the cantilever its ok.

The problem is when I create a brise soleil with array. The shading mask suddenly only show the shading of the brise soleil, and doesnt show the shading of the rest of the model. I attach the grasshopper file. Its quite disorder because its the first time I model in grasshopper.

I suggest to send a minimal, simple working version of the file.

Hi Abraham, I have upload a new versión simplified, just a rectangle and a array. I have the same problem with this very simplify model, so it´s not possible the high number of surfaces.


Pregunta (44.6 KB)

Well, you just need to flatten the context input for this to work.

Also attached a real simplified version of the file (just what is needed) for the case.
Notice that you were missing the LB_LB component.
Pregunta (385.7 KB)

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Thaks, it works!

Best regard!