Artificial Lighting simulation


I would like to study the artificial lighting in a standard room according to the power of the lights and their location but I can’t find simple tutorials with my working version: version 1.4.3.
I would like to have the result in lux.
I already tried with old tutorials but it’s blocked.
Is there someone who has already tried to do this study and could help me?

Thanks in advance for your help.

@angeline_christine Ladybug tools version 1.4.3 does not support artifical lighting simulation. You can use Ladybug legacy version which support artifical lighting simulation.

Here is some example created by @sarith .,0,0


Ok, I will try with ladybug legacy

Thank you very much !!

Hello Minggangyin, do I just need to download the Legacy installer, and it will work fine on my Rhino 8 with the latest LBT package?

The example I posted is the whole workflow of artifical lighting simultion.

As I know, ladybug honeybee legacy does not work fine on Rhino8, please user Rhino insteadl.

Co-work with Ladybug tools new version, you can use model to rad folder for reusing the exist model.

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